Rules & Regulations


Rules & RegulationsCN Tower Shot

A.  It is the responsibility of Captains to ensure that each player on their team READS and UNDERSTANDS the Rules.

B.  ALL players must present a signed Agreement of these Rules & Regulations prior to playing.

C.  In the tournament we are looking for the teams to self-manage their games and to assist the Pond Volunteer Officials with ensuring good play and excellent sportsmanship.


  • Games consist of 2 12-minute halves. An off-ice Volunteer Official will monitor each game
  • Games start at the sound of the siren/horn.  Any teams late for games will be penalized 1 goal for each minute late.
  • After 5 minutes the late team will forfeit the game with a 10-0 score awarded to the opponent.
  • NOTE: Games will not be re-scheduled
  • Teams will switch ends at the half
  • Teams are limited to 6 players of the mandatory age group for the division
  • Maximum of 4 players on the ice at one time. Teams may substitute “on the fly”
  • ALL penalties result in a change of possession. Penalties are tracked by the Volunteer Officials.  At the end of regulation time, a penalty shot will be awarded for every minor penalty that has not been canceled out by a penalty committed (ie differential in penalties committed vs. penalties sustained)
  • Major penalties will result in an immediate goal awarded to the opposing team and could result in a player ejection. A player that is rejected will have his/her case reviewed by the Head Official to determine if they may allowed to return for the rest of the tournament
  • The team cannot replace an ejected or injured player with an alternate player
  • ALL teams must present a roster with appropriate identification for each player at registration
  • Standings will be available on the Results Board throughout the weekend


  • ALL players must meet the minimum age requirement for their division as of the FIRST day of the tournament
  • ALL players must present appropriate identification for age verification at registration
  • Any underage player will be ejected from the tournament and the team will not be able replace the player
  • More than one underage player will result in the teams ejection from the tournament
  • ALL players must be recreational athletes. This means that no active professional, semi-professional, junior or university/college players are eligible except in the special Elite category.


  • Captain of each team will review and SIGN the scorecards at the end of each game
  • In doing so he/she has accepted the game score and as a result that game is FINAL
  • If a discrepancy with the score is found discuss it with the Official Volunteer and if need be you can ask to speak with the Head Official


The Toronto Pond Hockey Tournament is an all-weather event.  By entering this event, you acknowledge that you are playing on an outdoor ice surface, and ice conditions are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  ALL teams are expected to play unless the Organizing Committee deems the ice unsafe.

If Organizing Committee determines that the ice is unsafe, then the tournament on any given day shall be help/completed 1) as a sponge hockey tournament (players in boots on the ice using a softer sponge puck) and/or 2) as a ball hockey tournament (organizers have secured space to host teams for ball hockey as a back-up).

If due to weather (Mother Nature Rule), or any other reason beyond the Organizing Committee’s control, a tournament (or portion of a tournament) is cancelled on any given day, teams will be guaranteed a reserved spot in the following year’s event.  Unfortunately, as this is a fundraiser, REFUNDS will NOT be given due to weather or unforeseen cancellation .

H.  Tournament PLAYING RULES

  • SPIRIT: Please remember that this is Pond Hockey.  Play in the true spirit of the game.  PLEASE thank your Volunteer Official.
  • How Do I Score?: Score from the “attacking” side of half only.  Shot must be taken at OR over the half way mark which is determined by your Volunteer Official.  After each goal give opposing team ½ ice until puck OR player crosses half.
  • No Goaltending: Remember there are NO goalies in Pond Hockey therefore there is NO goaltending. Defensive player may NOT back into and against the net. NO closer than 8 feet. NO player is allowed to lay down their body, stick, knee, glove or any other part of their equipment in front of the net.  GOALTENDING may result in an automatic goal if the Volunteer Official deems it a goal was imminent. A minor penalty if a goal is not imminent.
  • Additional Rules
    • Do not raise your stick or puck above the knee.
    • NO physical contact allowed of any kind.  Abusive language by a player towards another player or volunteer will not be accepted. Abusive language to any official will result in a player’s suspension.

Men's Gold Medal Game #3I.  Important

  • Drinking is NOT permitted on the POND except in the designated areas.  Any player visibly intoxicated will not be permitted to play at the discretion of the Volunteer Official.
  • FIGHTING is not allowed and will result in an immediate suspension from the tournament.  The team will not be able to replace suspended player.  Intent to injure another player, official or volunteer will result in an immediate suspension.